Oatein - Halal Certified Protein

At Oatein we value all of our customers, and try to meet the nutritional needs of as broad an audience as possible. That’s why we’ve worked with the Halal Trust to independently audit and certify Oatein products as being halal.

Halal isn’t just about meat.

Contrary to popular belief, halal and haram (Permitted and prohibited, roughly translated) covers a broad range of foods. Alcohol or intoxicants in general are considered haram for muslims.

Is Whey Protein Halal?

Whey protein (and other protein types) is an important tool in dieting and increasing protein synthesis (building muscle). However there is some debate over whether whey protein is halal.

There are a number of reasons why Whey Protein or protein bars might be considered haram - or disallowed (the opposite of halal). While we’re not going to delve in the exact specifics (we don’t feel like we’re experts on what is or what isn’t halal or haram) here is an rough outline.

  • Rennet/Pepsin - Rennet is an organic enzyme derived from the stomachs of calves and goats. Pepsin is a similar enzyme that originates in pigs. Rennet is sometimes used in the production of whey to curdle the milk. Oatein whey is produced using artificial enzymes which avoids this issue entirely.
  • Use of alcohol in the production process - No, Oatein bars won’t get you drunk, and no they don’t contain booze! Alcohol is sometimes used in producing whey or protein bars to neutralise off-flavours. It’s removed completely after this process and doesn’t exist in the product afterwards.

The following Oatein products have received their halal Certification by the Halal Trust

Halal Products
Oatein Cookie - All Flavours Oatein Flapjacks - All Flavours
Oatein Brownie - All Flavours Oatein Low Sugar Protein Bar - All flavours
Oatein Oats and Whey Protein - All Flavours Oatein Low Sugar Flapjacks

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